Fundamentals of analog circuit technology

Responsible: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Sommer

target groups:
3rd semester EIT, BT, II, MT, MTR, WiW-ET;
5th semester OST, TKS

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Teaching content

  • methods and mathematical principles of network theory for calculating electrical circuits (time, frequency domain, stability, network elements including zeros, super-node and super-mesh analysis, in particular with controlled sources),
  • Ideal operational amplifiers & circuits with operational amplifiers
  • Basic transistor circuits (characteristic curves, DC models, adjustment of the operating point, bipolar, MOS, small-signal replacement circuits for transistors)
  • Multi-stage amplifiers (chain connection of amplifier stages)
  • Basic circuits of integrated circuit technology (differential stages, current mirrors, real operational amplifiers)
  • Computer aided analysis with PSpice and symbolic analysis (Analog Insydes)
  • Selected industrial circuits and their problems (stability, compensation)


Notes on teaching in the winter semester 2022/2023


The lectures and seminars take place in presence.

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