Dr.-Ing. Landmann, MarkusDr.-Ing. Landmann, Markus
Dr.-Ing. Markus LandmannTU Ilmenau
Dr.-Ing. Markus Landmann


Phone: +49 3677 69-4297
E-Mail: markus.landmann@iis.fraunhofer.de
Address: Fraunhofer IIS
  Department Electronic Measurements and Signal Processing (EMS)
  Helmholtzplatz 2
  98693 Ilmenau


Year Degree Subject
2008 Dr.-Ing. (Doctorate) Ph.D. studies at Communications Research Laboratory
2001 Dipl.-Ing. Study of Electrical Engineering at TU Ilmenau

Professional Path

Since 2019 Chief Scientist at Department Electronic Measurements and Signal Processing, Fraunhofer IIS
Since 2010 Group Head “Over-the-Air Testing”, Fraunhofer IIS
2008 - 2009 Project Work in Wireless Propagation, Channel Modelling and Array Signal Processing, at TU Ilmenau and Tokyo Institute of Technology
2001 - 2009 Research fellow, TU Ilmenau
2005 Lecturer and Research fellow, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Takada Laboratory) in the field of channel measurements and high-resolution direction-of-arrival estimation processes
2004 Implementation of high-resolution direction-of-arrival estimation processes (RIMAX) for radio channel modelling incl. antenna array design and array calibration processes, MEDAV GmbH, Ilmenau
2001 - 2003 Research fellow, TU Ilmenau


2007 Best paper award for the publication “Measurement Based Parametric Channel Modeling Considering Diffuse Scattering and Specular Components”(Landmann M., Kaeske M., Thoma R., Takada J., and Ida I.), in International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, Niigata, Japan
2006 Thüringer Forschungspreis (Thuringina Research Award) for Applied Sciences “MIMO Channel Sounder Measurement System“ (http://www.thueringen.de/th6/tmwwdg/forschung/forschungsfoerderung/forschungspreis/forschungspreis_2006/Aktuelle Arbeitsschwerpunkte)
2004 Best paper award for the publication “RIMAX-a maximum likelihood framework channel parameter estimation in multidimensional channel sounding” (Thomä, R., Landmann M., and Richter, A.), in Proc. 2004 Int. Symp. On Antennas and Propag., Sendai, Japan

Current Research Focuses

  • Channel measurement and modelling for future mobile communication (5G-6G) in millimeter waves and THz fields
  • 5G Standardization in 3GPP RAN1 and RAN4 (patenting and inklusion of IPs in standards)
  • Project acquisition and networking on international, EU, and national basis in fields of development and testing of communication and navigation systems (terrestrial- and satellite-based)
  • High-resolution multi-dimensional parameter estimation methods and localization
  • Spatial MIMO data transmission, conception, beamforming, channel estimation, precoding
  • Emulation of complex radio environments for Over-The-Air approaches in virtual electromagnetic environments (OTAinVEE)
  • Satellite communication in Ku- and Ka-Band