Welcome to the Industrial Electronics Group

The term "industrial electronics" refers to the entirety of system technology consisting of electronic hardware and software components which, in combination with specific process parameters, create the prerequisites for the realization of industrial manufacturing, processing and machining technologies. Examples of this are

  • Joining technologies (welding, soldering, bonding, gluing)
  • Finishing technologies (heating, hardening, surface treatment)
  • Process technologies in the field of semiconductor manufacturing (plasma, diffusion, epitaxy, implantation, annealing, irradiation)
  • Diagnostic technologies (X-ray, ultrasound)
  • Accompanying processes (robotics, handling, positioning).

Due to the increasing complexity and specialization of manufacturing technologies and processes as well as the demand for efficient energy use, industrial electronics has developed into an independent, interdisciplinary field of research worldwide with a rapid pace of development and high future potential.

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