Mobility Data Stories (MobiDaS) - turning mobility data into stories

Sustainable mobility planning requires a solid and holistic data basis. In the increasingly complex field of mobility planning, in which numerous actors are involved, data and their linkage form an important building block for communication and decision-making. However, large volumes of data, the complexity of the data and the lack of references quickly lead to a certain overload, especially considering that human perception is rather designed to grasp coherent information, for example in the form of stories.

Mobility data stories can make an important contribution to problem perception and goal definition in the context of mobility planning and, for example, make the perspectives of different actors clear. The result of the study should be a catalogue of sample solutions that on the one hand sensitises the actors in mobility planning to the potentials of data visualisation and at the same time provides them with concrete design elements to support them in the visual and content-related preparation of the data.


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