Research areas of Media Production Group

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The Media Production Group researches holistic concepts for the user- and task-oriented use of AR and VR in product development. The research focuses on tools in development environments and the use of digital human models.

Chris Gorke

Digital Knowledge Spaces

The research team develops digital solutions in various sectors for professional training and further education, higher education and assistance for cognitively impaired people. The research focuses on target group-adapted and adaptive knowledge transfer, learning motivation, usability and user experience of e-learning applications.

Media Production

Together with partners from the media industry, the Media Production Group researches the content, technology and organisation of various forms of media. Our research focuses on production processes, media convergence and trends in media use.

Mobility Services

The research team "Mobility Services" develops solutions for intermodal mobility chains and customer information, sustainable mobility strategies, user interfaces for control center and assistance systems as well as HCI for autonomous driving in various projects.

Usability Engineering

The application of usability engineering methods is a common central component of the research focus of the department. To support user-oriented development processes, the systematic integration of requirements analysis as well as iterative conception and evaluation is researched.