NanoTecLearn - E-learning for education and training in micro-nano integration

By linking microsystems technology and nanotechnology - so-called micro-nano integration - the special properties of nanostructures can be opened up for the macro world. Completely new chances are offered to obtain innovative product properties. Through a targeted use of nanotechnology-based effects and the integration of nanostructures, it becomes possible to design components that are smaller, more functional and more effective.

The knowledge of micro-nano-integration has a high innovation rate in the companies, but there is often a lack of systematic access for the employees. In addition, many things remain "invisible": Nanostructures can no longer be examined under the light microscope, a scanning electron microscope is not permanently available. Yet it would be profitable for all those involved, from marketing to development and production to sales, to have uncomplicated access to the necessary knowledge in everyday life.

Today, nanotechnology is largely anchored in the natural sciences and only a few companies are in a position to strengthen their staff with natural scientists. Therefore, there is an urgent need to train the existing staff of different qualification levels in the field of micro-nano integration.

On 01.11.2014 the project NanoTecLearn started, which is funded within the BMBF funding measures for professional qualification with digital media. The interdisciplinary project is being developed by the Micromechanical Systems Group, the Communication Science Group (Multimedia Communication) and the Media Production Group at TU Ilmenau together with companies, associations and training institutions.