ÖV-LeitmotiF-KI - Public Transport: Standards for the Control System Connection of Automated Vehicles Using Artificial Intelligence

The goal of the research project ÖV-LeitmotiF-KI is a safety-oriented and standardized reference model for the integration of autonomous vehicles (from autonomy level 4) into public transport. For this purpose, the following sub-goals are being developed within the framework of the research project ÖV-LeitmotiF-KI:

  • Definition of roles, tasks as well as cooperations in the context of the interface vehicle and control system.

  • Description of operational processes of public transport and derivation of a comprehensive system architecture

  • Description of AI potentials for operational processes with consideration of safety analyses

  • Derivation of standardized technical interface specifications between the control system, the vehicles and other involved actors, such as passengers

  • Validation of the developed interfaces through implementation in the Test Field Autonomous Driving Baden-Württemberg (TAF-BW)

  • Definition of an industry standard for the integration of autonomous vehicles into the regular operation of public transport.

The planned standardization is not only essential for non-discriminatory market access for vehicle manufacturers, but also for low-risk integration into operational processes and simplification of approval procedures.


What is behind ÖV-LeitmotiF-KI?


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