• conception and design of compliant systems
  • experimental determination of material parameters
  • analytical and computer-based modeling of compliant systems
  • simulation and optimization of the static and dynamic behavior of compliant and rigid-body systems
  • fabrication and metrological verification of compliant systems
  • replacement of rigid-body mechanisms with compliant mechanisms in devices and machines

Main areas of work

  • compliant mechanisms
  • compliant actuators – fluid mechanical type and using functional materials
  • compliant mechanical sensors (absorption of mechanical effects)
  • compliant systems with inherent (functional and material connection with the overall system) actuators and sensors

Project examples

  • Elastic monostable and bi-stable (two equilibrium positions: open and closed) mechanical pressure relief valves
  • Flexible gripper systems for sensitive components
  • Compliant mechanisms for high-precision applications
  • Deformable compliant probes for technical and medical applications