Force and vibration measurement technology

3D Laser Scanning Vibrometer

PSV 400 3D

Non-contact 3D vibration measurement technology


-Frequency range: 0 - 1 MHz
-Data acquisition: 4 channels
-Working distance: > 0.4 m
-Object size: ≥ 1 mm²
-Speed: 10 m/s (max.)
-2.5 MHz (max.) 0.5 m/s (max.), 350 kHz (max.)
-Signal generator: 512 kHz (bandwidth) / 0 - 10V, ±5 mA
-Measuring field: 2 x 2 to 512 x 512 measuring points
-Resolution: 6400 FFT lines

3D Laser Scanning VibrometerTU Ilmenau

Pressure measuring mat for tyre slats

Pressure measuring mat Tekscan TVR8404

Analysis of the pressure distribution of passenger car tires in wheel-to-ground contact 36,608 piezoresistive sensors on an area of 268 mm x 317 mm allow the recording of the surface pressure distribution in the tire plywood Recording frequencies of up to 106 Hz allow the measurement of dynamic processes, e.g. during a rolling process Extensive analysis software

Druckmessmatte für ReifenlatschTU Ilmenau

Mobile Testhardware


-Mobile test hardware for noise, vibration and durability testing
-Compact size and light weight
-Rugged design for extreme conditions and temperatures
-Very quiet, fanless operation
-Up to 204,8 kHz sampling rate per channel
-24-bit ADC technology
-150 dB dynamic range

Mobile TesthardwareTU Ilmenau

Measuring rim

Wheel force sensor Kistler RoaDyn S635

-Highly dynamic acquisition of wheel forces and torques
-6-component wheel force sensor allows the measurement of multi-axle loads
-Complete mounting of the measuring wheel as a wheel on the vehicle (as a replacement for the standard wheel)
-Mounting on the measuring hanger for the analysis of the frictional behaviour of tyre / road
-Mounting on the corner module test stand for the analysis of the frictional behaviour under laboratory conditions

Measuring range:

Fx -35 ... 35 kN
Fy -20 ... 20 kN
Fz -35 ... 35 kN
Mx/y/z -5 ... 5 kNm

MessfelgeTU Ilmenau