Robot Systems

Robot handling systems

High-precision positioning robot for handling and measuring purposes

In connection with the self-developed Labview interface, the robot is used for highly accurate, fast actuation and positioning of measuring devices. It is used, among other things, for the pinpoint detection of emitted brake particles or tire abrasion particles. It is also used for various high-precision actuation tasks.


-Max. payload: 34 kg
-Own weight of robot: 248 kg
-Brakes: in all axes
-Max. speed at load centre: 10,3 m/s
-Range: 710 mm
-Depth of freedom: 6
-Repeat accuracy (typical): ±0,01 mm
-Reat accuracy (ISO 9283): ±0,05 mm
-Programming language robot control: VAL3
-Programming environment external control: LabView


Robot actuation systems

Pedal actuation device

Reproducible pedal actuations with high dynamics and precision static and dynamic measurement of pedal characteristics and the associated vehicle reactions


-Principle: servo-hydraulic
-Limits: F = 0...1500 N / v = 0...1000 mm/s
-Modes: force control, travel control, ramped actuation, oscillating actuation, measurements in stationary and moving vehicle
-Data acquisition: pedal force, pedal travel, brake pressure, BKV vacuum, vehicle speed, vehicle deceleration


Stähle Autopilot SAP2000

-Driving robot for computer-controlled driving of vehicles on the roller test bench

-Advantages: no driver necessary, highest accuracy and repeatability, can be coupled to the control of the chassis dynamometer

-Limits: Force on gas axle: 100 N, force on brake axle: 350 N, force on clutch axle: 250 N, force on shift axle: 250 N

-Driving accuracy: ±1 km/h

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