WelcomeWelcome to the "Colloquium Cellular Metals 2024"! We invite experts from research and industry as well as enthusiasts and the curious to explore the latest trends and advances in the world of cellular metals. Our focus is on current solutions and concepts for future challenges.

We strive to bring cellular metals - from nano to macro - back into the focus of research and application to explore their potential for future applications and opportunities.

We look forward to receiving contributions on a variety of topics in the field of Cellular Metals, including:

  • New Cellular Metallic Structures
  • 3D printing with cellular metals
  • Lightweight applications with cellular metals
  • Applications in the field of bionics
  • Cellular metals as a construction material
  • Simulation of cellular metals, e.g. digital twins
  • Energy savings with cellular metals
  • Analysis of cellular metals

Whether you are a researcher, industry expert or simply interested in the latest developments in cellular metals, join us for this stimulating and insightful colloquium that will present the state of the art in cellular metals.

We encourage all interested parties to contribute their knowledge and expertise. Authors are requested to send the title and a half-page abstract in German to metalle@tu-ilmenau.de . We look forward to your participation!