New Publication in Metals - Special Issue "Cellular Metals: Fabrication, Properties and Applications"

Influence of MWCNT Coated Nickel on the Foaming Behavior of MWCNT Coated Nickel Reinforced AlMg4Si8 Foam by Powder Metallurgy Process by Ferdinandus Sarjanadi Damanik and Günther Lange Metals 2020, 10(7), 955; - 15.07.2020

Rolling Mg-Dy-Zn alloys to foil (December 2019)

Recent rolling tests resulted in a 150 µm thin mgnesium foil (the lower sample in the picture). The starting material was cs. 10 mm wide and 0.8 mm thick extruded.

Rolling of Mg-Dy alloys (September 2019)

In current research work, the department has succeeded in rolling an absorbable magnesium alloy from the Mg-Dy system from an initial thickness of 6 mm to a final thickness of 400 µm on a laboratory scale.