About us

The internal audit is an independent auditing and consulting institution, which is located as a staff unit at the chancellor of the TU Ilmenau. It checks the compliance of lawfulness, orderliness and expediency as well as the efficiency of university-relevant processes. The regular audits are laid down in an annual audit plan agreed with the chancellor.


Dipl.-Betriebsw. (BA) Manuela Fischer

Visiting address:Max-Planck-Ring 1498693 Ilmenau

Postal address:P.O. Box 10 05 6598684 Ilmenau


+49 3677 69-1938


Fields of Activity

  • Budget and performance audits
  • Auditing of tendering and award procedures
  • Audit of where-used lists of specified third-party funded projects
  • Audit of the corporate assets
  • Audit of the budgetary and economic management of the Student Council
  • Cash audits
  • Special audits