"The assurance and development of quality in studying and teaching is primarily the task of higher education institutions. They fulfil this task through internal university measures of quality assurance and development (...)."


This is stated in Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the State Treaty on Study Accreditation. One of these measures at the TU Ilmenau is the internal accreditation of the study programs. This means that in the course of system accreditation, the university must prove that it systematically implements the formal and subject-related criteria laid down in the State Treaty on Study Accreditation or the Thuringian Study Accreditation Ordinance. For this purpose, the quality management system must provide for regular evaluations of the study programs and the performance areas relevant for teaching and studying, in which internal and external students, academic experts from outside the university, representatives of professional practice and graduates participate.

Each degree program undergoes the internal accreditation procedure every six years. The internal accreditation is regulated by the Regulations on Quality Management in Studies and Teaching (QMO-SL). An overview of the accreditation status of our study programs can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Digital Processes and Quality Management Office.

Certification and Accreditation Commission (ZAK)

The Senate of the TU Ilmenau established the Certification and Accreditation Commission (ZAK) on 05 May 2020. This internal commission is responsible for examining the study programs with regard to applicable external and internal requirements within the framework of internal accreditation and for deriving a corresponding accreditation recommendation for the Senate.

The members of the ZAK are appointed by the Senate upon proposal of the faculties and recommendation of the Study Committee and include:

  • from each faculty, two persons from the group of university teachers, one of whom is a deputy, and two persons from the group of academic staff, one of whom is a deputy,

  • on the recommendation of the elected convention, two students and two deputies,

  • the Vice-President for Teaching and Learning as chairperson and advisory member without voting rights,

  • one representative of the Digital Processes and Quality Management Office as an advisory member without voting rights.

ZAK on the intranet (only with university login)