Basics of electronics

Brief profile Fundamentals of Electronics

Certificate with 4 ECTS
120 h (no attendance)
Teaching forms:
Lectures and seminars in video format Script and exercises Online course.
Form of examination:
Written exam
Free of charge


Students interested in the course "Fundamentals of Electronics" need previous knowledge in the fields of mathematics, physics and electrical engineering.

Some special topics like the calculation of simple networks with Kirchhoff's laws and Helmholz's theorem as well as simple mathematical basics like Taylor series and special integrals and differentials should be acquired by the participants themselves if necessary.

To participate in the continuing education course "Fundamentals of Electronics", a computer and Internet access are required to use the online course.

The continuing education course is being tested as part of the "BASICplus" project and is therefore offered free of charge.

Course content

The continuing education course on the fundamentals of electronics deals with seven main topics:

  1. Electronic properties of metals, semiconductors and insulators
  2. Passive components and simple circuits
  3. Functioning of semiconductor diodes, rectifier circuits and special diodes
  4. Function and applications of bipolar transistors
  5. Function and applications of field effect transistors
  6. Operational amplifier
  7. Insight into the manufacturing technology of integrated circuits


The main topics are taught in 11 learning units via the online course. Video recordings of lectures and a script are available for the course units. In addition, several exercises are available. Some exercises are worked on with the help of seminar recordings, so that solution paths can be retraced.

The processing of the content will take place independently by the participants between October 14, 2019 and March 13, 2020. The training concludes with a 120-minute exam. For preparation and clarification of questions, two mock exams and four consultations with the professional supervisor are available. The consultation takes place twice online and on two other dates there is the possibility for a conversation in Ilmenau. The mock exams can be worked on independently by the participants from home.