The project "BASIC- Basic Engineering School- New forms of teaching and learning in engineering education - especially in the introductory phase of studies " (2012-2021) was funded by the BMBF from the "Program for better study conditions and more quality in teaching" and was the first major project based at ZIB. The aim of the project was to make the entry into the basic subjects of engineering studies at the TU Ilmenau more suitable for the students. Results and publicationsContact at ZIBSabine Fincke (

The "BASICplus" project (2014-2020) was funded by the BMBF and comprised the conception and realization of an in-service education and training program in engineering subjects, thus significantly complementing the in-service training landscape for STEM professions. PublicationsContact at ZIB: Dr. Claudia Haaßengier (

The project "TeOLepS - Test-based online learning units for the design of personalized Sudien transitions" (2018-2020) was funded by the funding program "Curricula of the Future" as part of the "Thuringian Strategy for Digitalization in Higher Education". This project addressed the Supporting individual transitions between educational stages of students by designing new hybrid forms of teaching and study-accompanying online tests of subject-related and interdisciplinary competencies. Contact at ZIB: Veit Henkel (

The project "Extended study entry phase" (2018-2020) was supported by funding from the state of Thuringia. This project addressed support offers for the start of studies for engineering students of the participating bachelor engineering programs at the TU Ilmenau. The study model "Study start - flexible" was tested for this purpose. Contact TU Ilmenau:Vice President for Studies and Teaching Prof. Anja Geigenmüller (