Mathematics in practice: Green Logistics

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Tu. 18.04.2023
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Curiebau | Curie-Hörsaal Weimarer Straße 25
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All interested parties, especially students of mathematics and computer science

Green Logistics - Or how do I charge 80,000 e-vehicles in one night? Challenges in theory and practice

Speaker: Dr. Michael Gröschel, Tobias Fäth, Dr. Maximilian Walther (IAV)

In the past, delivery vehicles could be refueled with fossil fuel within minutes during daily operations. In the course of electrifying fleets specifically in the logistics sector, companies are facing the challenges of a paradigm shift.

Heterogeneous fleets and charging systems, long charging times, high dynamics in energy prices as well as the fluctuating availability of renewable energies lead to increasingly complex problems. Modern cloud-based systems, on the other hand, also create room for the use of algorithms and mathematical methods to better plan energy consumption, reduce costs and maximize the reduction of CO emissions.

IAV is working in cooperation with Germany's largest logistics fleet operator on a distributed, high-availability system that coordinates the sustainable yet robust operation of large fleets of up to 80,000 vehicles - night after night. We offer you an insight into the everyday life of a team of mathematicians and computer scientists who find solutions to these challenges every day.