Preliminary considerations

Please consider in advance which accommodation is suitable for you. Important criteria are:

  • How long will the stay last?
  • How much money do you have available?
  • Does an apartment make sense or will an inexpensive room suffice?
  • Will you be living alone or are you coming to Ilmenau with your family?
  • Is a furnished apartment desired?
  • Is a car available or are there cheap bus or train connections?

At the beginning of a longer stay a simple room is often sufficient. Locally here in Ilmenau you have better possibilities to look for and visit an apartment or a suitable flat.

If you mention that you are looking for a flat, experience has shown that you can often get information about vacant rooms/flats through your new personal contacts here on site, for example your colleagues in the department.

For shorter stays

For shorter stays or to get started in Ilmenau, we can recommend simple rooms in the following institutions. These rooms are equipped with furniture; bed linen is provided.

Ilmenau Youth Hostel

The youth hostel offers pleasant, modern and friendly rooms. Full board in the house is possible. There is only a small "emergency kitchen" if guests want to cook themselves. Sanitary facilities are located directly in the rooms. Distance to the university: approx. 800 m

CJD Ilmenau

The CJD Ilmenau is located directly on the edge of the Ilmenau campus. Rooms are offered in dormitory II (student residence) with different furnishings. Rooms must be requested and booked in good time. Distance to the university: approx. 500 m


Student Recreation Center Ilmenau

As the name suggests, this facility is primarily intended for school classes. The rooms are kept simple and do not have any upscale comfort. The accommodations are suitable for the starting phase in Ilmenau. Distance to the university: approx. 600 m

Apartments from municipal landlords

Very often, inexpensive and furnished rooms or apartments are not immediately available. For longer stays or stays together with the family, it makes sense to look for suitable accommodation on the free housing market. We recommend the Ilmenau housing association or the housing cooperative as close partners of the university. They offer apartments of various sizes at reasonable rental prices. Please note that these apartments are usually rented without furniture. Only kitchens are available in most apartments.

Ilmenau Housing Association (IWG)

The IWG is a municipal housing association owned by the city of Ilmenau.

Ilmenau Housing Association (WBG)

The WBG is a cooperative. To rent an apartment, you become a member of this cooperative. In order to do so, you have to pay a one-time cooperative share and you can also terminate your membership when you end the rental contract. The paid cooperative share is then refunded including interest.

Information from the city of Ilmenau on the subject of housing

Privately rented accommodation and tourist accommodation

In Ilmenau and the surrounding area there are a large number of private apartment renters. As a rule, flats, apartments and rooms are offered either through brokersordirectly by private individuals on the internet. Depending on the offer, there are apartments with or without furniture.


Via a real estate agent

In most cases, a brokerage fee (commission) of 2 to 2.5 months' rent has to be paid. You can find two contact addresses here. We recommend searching for further addresses on the Internet.

Marek Schramm Real Estate

Wolf + Fabig Real Estate GbR


About online portals

There are many online portals for apartment hunting in Ilmenau. Here we have listed only a few. We recommend to look for further addresses on the internet.

e-bay classifieds


WG wanted

Housing exchange


Tip: Tourist accommodations in the Ilmenau area can often be rented on a long-term basis!

Here you can find different types of accommodation and hosts.