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  2. Certificate of enrolment
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Letter of recommendation by your faculty/department concerning an Erasmus+ traineehip funding


TU Ilmenau International Office
Max-Planck-Ring 14
98693 Ilmenau

  • Ms. Friedemann (A-I)
  • Ms. Seltner (J-Z)

Application deadline

Please submit your application for an Erasmus+ funding about 4 months before your planned traineeship start date . You can still add your traineeship institution later on. The application must be submitted while you are still studying, i.e. before your last examination.

Applications received less than 2 month before the start of the traineeship can unfortunately not be considered. In this case, please contact us by phone.

Complete the application form and register in our Mobility Online applicant database.

Then upload the signed application form and your application documents to the database. As soon as they are complete, they will be sent to EU-Praktikum THÜRINGEN.

Please note:
Please make sure that your letter of recommendation is printed on the university's header sheet and includes why you are eligible for funding through the Erasmus+ programme, e.g. because of your interests shown in your studies and/or your commitment.

We first check your application for completeness. When selecting you for funding, we particularly consider your personal motivation and the letter of recommendation from your faculty/department.


Before the traineeship

During the traineeship

After the traineeship

OLS language support

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Erasmus+ supports you linguistically with

  • a language test before the start of the mobility and
  • an online language course in the working language and, if you wish, in the national language Online Language Support OLS .


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You want to share your experiences?

Your experiences during your internship abroad are very important for our guidance!

Please send us an email to EU-Praktikum THÜRINGEN if we may use your internship report for publication (on our website or social media and in info material of the Thuringian universities). We are also happy to receive additional picture material!


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Problems? Challenges?

Is your traineeship not going as planned?
Are you having problems getting your traineeship recognised?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with EU-Praktikum THÜRINGEN if you are facing any particular challenges.


This initiative is funded with support from the European Commission.