Information regarding Ukraine conflict

Due to the worsening situation in the Ukraine conflict, we would like to inform you today about adjustments in the Erasmus+ program. Please contact EU-Praktikum THÜRINGEN if you are affected in any way now or in the future (e.g. regarding the security situation in your Erasmus country or your agreed work tasks). For further questions we are of course also at your disposal.


Since the security situation is very dynamic, the regulations of the NA DAAD are constantly adapted:


First of all, please note that health and safety are top priorities! No one is forced to start or continue an Erasmus+ mobility if there should be any concerns.

  • Check regularly  Auswärtiges Amt about the current security situation (currently especially for countries of the Baltic States and neighboring countries of Ukraine).
  • If there are any changes to your Erasmus+ stay (postponement, shortening, termination, change of location, etc.), please inform us immediately.
  • For the time of your stay abroad, please register in the crisis precaution list of Auswärtiges Amt: Crisis precaution list Elefand (for German citizens; international students please inform yourself at the institutions of your country whether similar precaution lists exist).
  • As a precaution, make a note of the telephone and emergency number of the nearest German diplomatic mission (save it in your mobile phone if necessary).
  • If you have any questions or uncertainties, please contact EU-Praktikum THÜRINGEN so that we can advise you according to the current status!