Entrepreneurial Skills: Certificate program of the Ilmkubator in the summer term

Learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur, acquire knowledge and experience on the subject of founding or starting your own company? All of this is feasible at TU Ilmenau - even parallel to your studies, doctorate or work in research, teaching and administration. This is made possible by the "Entrepreneurial Skills" certificate offered by the Ilmkubator Start-up Service, which employees, doctoral students and students of the TU Ilmenau have been able to complete since the winter term of 2022.

With the summer semester, the new course program for the certificate is starting. It offers a wide range of continuing education courses on startup-related topics and soft skills, as well as networking events. In addition to the Ilmkubator team, numerous experts and speakers have been invited to enrich the courses with their expertise and practical know-how.

Of course, the classes can also be attended independently of the certificate or credited as part of the Studium generale. Please note: The certificate is only offered in German language!

Before the start of the courses, interested parties can inform themselves about the certificate, the courses offered and the formalities for registration and crediting in two office hours:

  1. 03/30/2013, 10:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. (online)
  2. 03.04.23, 12:30 - 14:00 (online + Finnhütten, Langewiesener Straße 32, Ilmenau)

Participation is possible via: https: //tu-ilmenau.webex.com/join/doerte.gerhardt

Structure of the "Entrepreneurial Skills" certificate

The certificate of the Ilmkubator consists of 10 credit points. Six credit points can be earned through specified courses from the Studium generale, two credit points through courses offered by the Ilmkubator and another two credit points through practical experience or external courses.

In addition to workshops and networking events, the courses offered by the Ilmkubator also include a lecture series, which starts on Thursday, April 6. An overview of the "Entrepreneurial Skills" certificate can be found on the Start-Up Service website, and all events are listed in the events calendar. Registration for workshops and the dates of the lecture series can be done via Tower II (Research Service and Technology Transfer > Ilmkubator Gründerservice).

Strengthening entrepreneurial thinking and acting at the TU Ilmenau

The Entrepreneurship Certificate of the Ilmkubator offers interested students, doctoral candidates and employees of the university the opportunity to specifically deal with entrepreneurial thinking and acting and the related "Entrepreneurial Skills". These include a range of future-oriented skills that are important not only for founders, but also for employees in all sectors, young academics and researchers. These include: "the ability to seize opportunities, creativity, visionary thinking, sustainability skills, the ability to mobilize resources, to motivate oneself and others, economic skills ... leadership, judgment, problem-solving and reflection skills, but also the willingness to take risks, strive for cooperation and work in interdisciplinary teams," according to the Entrepreneurial Skills Charter.

It is important to TU Ilmenau to impart these future-relevant skills and to promote the education of young people who think and act entrepreneurially. Therefore, the TU Ilmenau is also one of the signatories of the ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS CHARTA, which was developed by university representatives within the framework of the support network "Entrepreneurial Skills" and was published in 2022.

In order to implement the goal, various offers were created within the framework of the Studium generale as well as by the Start-up Service Ilmkubator, which complement the offers of the faculties. These are bundled and identified within the framework of the certificate. The certificate is issued by the Zentralinstitut für Bildung at the TU Ilmenau. Registration is not mandatory, but allows for preferential admission to events with a limited number of participants.