IW-Ranking: No German university has more patents per employee than the TU Ilmenau

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According to a recent study by the Institute of German Business (IW), the Technische Universität Ilmenau registered the most patents of all German universities in relation to the number of its employees. In the ranking of the total number of patents registered, the TU Ilmenau occupies a remarkable 8th place - only incomparably larger and financially stronger universities are ahead of it. The ranking of the 15 German universities with the most patents is led by the TU Dresden. For its study, the Institute of German Business evaluated the number of patent applications filed by 178 German universities and their affiliated institutions between 2010 and 2019.

"As part of the innovation system, universities are increasingly required to also conduct application-oriented research and apply for patents for the results," the IW report begins. In this regard, "a remarkable six of the 15 German universities with the most patents in absolute terms are located in the eastern part of the republic." The IW particularly singled out the TU Ilmenau for the patent activity of the top 15 in relation to the number of employees: Here, "the efficiency of the eastern German universities is equally remarkable, with the Technical University of Ilmenau, which also benefits particularly strongly from its research-intensive affiliated institutes, at the top by far."

This comes as no surprise to Dr. Christoph Hoock, head of the PATON State Patent Center Thuringia, which is located at Ilmenau Technical University: "When scientists approach us with an idea or invention to assess its patentability, our experienced specialists assist them with thorough patent searches. Then, a dedicated patent assessor files the applications on behalf of the university. And after publication, our transfer managers support the transfer of the invention to industry. For the researchers, this is not only a significant help in marketing their innovations, but also a great relief from bureaucracy."



Dr. Christoph Hoock
Head of PATON | Thuringia State Patent Center

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