Our student Jasmin Ruprecht gives exciting insights into her research work as a student assistant in UNIonline.

UNIonline article


Jasmin Ruprecht, 23, Bad Salzungen

Mechanical Engineering, 10th semester, Diploma

I have been working as a research assistant (Hiwi) at the Group of Production and Precision Measurement Technology since April 2022 and have been involved in several projects there. Until recently, I supported a doctoral student in the group with investigations in the field of atomic force microscopy, lithography and scanning electron microscopy. I had the opportunity to work in the clean room of the Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies (ZMN). My main tasks were to measure various surface structures.
I have now started my new student assistant position in the same group. The researchers there are pursuing the goal of developing a more cost-effective variant for a laser with two frequencies at a defined distance. I will be designing 3D printed parts and later realizing the control of the laser frequency.
During my work as a student assistant, I gained exciting insights into current research topics and upcoming developments, got to know the work in the specialist areas and made contacts with the researchers. This is very helpful when looking for a topic for my final thesis or a project seminar.
I work practically on exactly the topics that I am particularly interested in during my studies: Interferometry, laser measurement technology and nanomeasurement technology. I can organize my working hours flexibly and have a part-time job that fits in with my studies. I learn a lot of new things beyond lectures and seminars.