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With 17 global goals, the 2030 Agenda covers a wide range of topics. Fields of action include, for example, increased commitment to peace and the rule of law, but also high-quality education or the protection of our climate and resources.

Precise and reliable measurement technology is required to ensure that every production step is optimally sustainable. Our contribution ...



The research profile of the Institute of Process Measurement and Sensor Technology comprises the three core topics:

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Metrology plays a vital role in manufacturing, assembly and quality control. Increasingly, measurement tasks need to be solved in a process-integrated manner. Measurement technology is a basic requirement for the introduction of Industry 4.0!

The Institute of Process Measurement and Sensor Technology represents the module Measurement and Sensor Technology in the bachelor education. Already during the bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, you can specialise in the field of precision measurement technology.

In the Master's programme in Mechanical Engineering, the field of study Measurement and Sensor Technology is offered.



The staff of our institute is spatially distributed over the whole campus. Starting from the Kirchhoff Building with the secretariat and the professors' rooms, there are office, work and laboratory rooms and a workshop in the Kirchhoff Building, Werner Bischoff Building, Ernst Abbe Center, Newton Building, Meitner Building, Feynman Building and in the Schützenhaus.