University ranking: Top results for two business degree programmes at TU Ilmenau

Studierende in einer Vorlesung im Audimax der TU IlmenauTU Ilmenau/ari
Lecture in the Industrial Engineering and Management degree programme

Students on two Master's degree programs in Business and Economics at TU Ilmenau are extremely satisfied with their studies. The Business Information Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management degree programs received top results in a nationwide comparison. This was the result of the current CHE University Ranking, the most comprehensive independent ranking of its kind in the German-speaking world. For the ranking, which is published in the magazine ZEIT Campus, students rate their own study conditions themselves.

For the current university ranking by the Center for Higher Education Development, students at TU Ilmenau were able to award up to five stars in a variety of evaluation criteria for their degree program. Accordingly, the universities are divided into a top, middle and bottom group for each subject and criterion. In addition to facts about studies and teaching, the ranking also assesses the university's facilities in terms of IT, rooms and library, the international orientation of the course, i.e. support for studying abroad, and the question of whether degrees were completed within a reasonable period of time. Different subjects are examined in each ranking, this year business studies.

In the Business Information Systems Engineering program at TU Ilmenau, students awarded an average of 4.2 out of five stars in the summary criterion "General study situation", and in the Industrial Engineering and Management program even 4.4 out of five stars. The ranking results of the two Business Master's degree programs in detail:

Business Information Systems Engineering degree program

The excellent rating of 4.2 out of five stars for the "General study situation" places TU Ilmenau's Business Information Systems Engineering degree program in the top group in the "Study and teaching" category in a nationwide comparison. In the individual criterion "study organization", i.e. access to courses and the absence of overlaps between compulsory courses, the course even received 4.7 out of five stars from the students. In terms of the "range of courses", i.e. the breadth of content of the teaching and the opportunity to set individual subject priorities in their studies, students at TU Ilmenau awarded 4.5 stars.

Industrial Engineering and Management degree program

In addition to the absolute top rating of 4.4 stars for the "General study situation", students even rated the "Study organization" of the Industrial Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management degree program at TU Ilmenau with 4.6 out of five stars. The students awarded 4.5 stars for the "Transition to the Master's degree program" from their previous degree program, in which the recognition of certificates and achievements and courses that build on each other are assessed. Students rated the "range of courses" and "support from lecturers", i.e. the availability of and support from lecturers for questions and problems, with an average of 4.3 stars each.

4.1 stars were awarded for "research orientation", i.e. the reference to current research findings in the courses and the opportunity to participate independently in the university's ongoing research work in courses. Four out of five stars were awarded for "support during studies" and for "practical orientation in teaching", i.e. the question of how relevant the skills that students acquire are for their later practical professional field. They awarded an average of 4.2 stars for "support for studying abroad", i.e. for the attractiveness of the exchange programs, the creditability of academic achievements gained abroad and the support and advice provided in preparing for a stay abroad.



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