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Master of Science
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none | individual acceptance
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4 semester
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April 1 or October 1
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Bachelor's degree in a similar field
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The research-oriented Master's degree programme in Industrial Engineering and Management with the degree of Master of Science (M. Sc.) is a combined course of studies which can be characterised by an interdisciplinary and approximately equally balanced engineering, economic and legal education. It builds on the Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and management. On the basis of relevant bachelor's degree programmes, these goals are to be achieved through the in-depth acquisition of knowledge, skills and practical abilities.

The university-specific combination of economic and engineering fields trains logical-analytical thinking, action and design skills in the intersection of economics and technology within the framework of specific industry profiles. Furthermore, a consistently pursued practical training should guarantee a direct path to the key players in the free economy.

The Master's programme aims at an in-depth scientific examination of individual tasks and issues at the interface between economics and technology. In the economics part, classical economic content and recent developments in economics are taught. The engineering part of the programme is divided into three independent majors: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation and biomedical engineering.


Interview with a graduate (PDF for download)

Content of study

Elective modules in Economics and Law (e.g. profiles to choose from: Accounting & Management Control 1 to 4, Supply Chain and Closed Loop Management, Business to Business Marketing, Advanced Methods of Investment Accounting and Business Valuation, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, Quantitative Business Planning 1 and 2, Business Law in Application)

33 %

Elective area supplementary modules

8 %

Specialisations (see specialisations and detailed overview)

30 %

Master thesis

29 %

Fields of specialisation

  • Automation
  • Biomedical Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Fields of work

  • Product development and innovations management
  • Management of value added chain (production planning and logistics management)
  • Technical sales and marketing
  • Strategic enterprise management (organisation and personnel management)
  • Technical controlling and investment planning (finance, accounting, performance management)
  • Enterprise consulting
  • Information management and IT usage in production and service companie

Kai studies industrial engineering at the TU Ilmenau


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