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Master of Science
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Restrictions on admission
none | individual acceptance
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Standard period of study
4 semesters
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Start of studies
April 1 or October 1
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Requirement for admission
Bachelor's degree in a similar field
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Brief description

Business Information Systems Engineering deals with digitalisation in business, administration and society. The aim is to provide people, companies and public authorities in fulfilling their tasks in the best possible way through the use of information systems.

The Master's programme in Business Information Systems Engineering builds on a Bachelor's programme in Business Information Systems Engineering or an equivalent qualification and aims to deepen and broaden knowledge already acquired in the fields of Business Information Engineering, Economics, Law and Computer Science. In addition, students are given the opportunity to distinguish themselves in special fields of Business Information Systems Engineering, such as data science, industry 4.0, IT consulting, IT security or knowledge management.

Graduates can use their knowledge, skills and practical abilities to actively and purposefully shape the digitalisation of our living and working environments. They should be able to develop, introduce and use modern information systems on their own responsibility as well as in interdisciplinary cooperation with specialists from other disciplines and to adapt them to changing requirements. The degree programme also enables graduates to take on management functions in companies or public authorities.

Application with German certificates

Application with foreign certificates

The Business Information Systems Engineering study programme in Ilmenau combines the fields of computer science and business very well. The familiar campus and the support during the studies are also great. Therefore, I can only recommend it!

Lisa Brückner


Why Ilmenau?

  • Information Systems degree programs at TU Ilmenau are among the best in Germany
  • Information Systems degree programs at TU Ilmenau repeatedly achieve excellent ranking results
  • Bachelor's and Master's degree courses in Information Systems have been successfully accredited several times (ACQUIN)
  • Methodologically sound and practically oriented studies, including extensive computer-based exercises.
  • Wide range of in-depth and specialization options in the Master's degree course
  • Very good supervision ratio (number of students / number of teaching staff)
  • Graduates have excellent career prospects
  • Relatively low cost of living in Ilmenau.

Isabel and Johannes study Business Informations Systems Engineering at the TU Ilmenau

Content of study

Business Information Systems Engineering compulsory area (including the modules: Business Knowledge Management, Quantitative Business Planning, IT Service and IT Innovation Management, Simulation)

21 %

Business Information Systems Engineering elective area with fields of specialisation (including e. g. the modules: Management Consulting, Data Analysis and Data Mining, Information Management, Data Science for Industrial Applications, IT Security Management, Industry 4.0)

16 %

Economics and Law elective  area (including e. g. the modules: Business-to-Business Marketing, Supply Chain and Closed Loop Management, Business Ethics and Sustainability Management, Media Law, Innovation Economics, Media Economics).

21 %

Computer Science elective  area (including e. g. the modules: Deep Learning, Data Science: Methods and Techniques, Model-Driven Software Development, Distributed Data Management, Security Engineering).

17 %

Master thesis

25 %
Detailed subject overview: Business Information Systems Engineering (Master)

Fields of specialisation

The following specialisations are possible, for example:

Students have the option of concentrating on one specialisation field (specialisation) or specifically attending modules from several specialisation fields (generalisation). If students concentrate on one specialisation field, an additional designation can be awarded.

  • Industry 4.0
  • Information Management
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Security
  • Knowledge Management
  • Operations Research and Data Science
  • Service Informatics
  • Simulation and Data Analytics

Fields of work

  • IT and Business Consulting
  • Product Management in Technology Companies
  • Business Process Management
  • IT Management and IT Controlling
  • Data Science and Data Analysis
  • Business Intelligence Management
  • IT Application Consulting and IT Training
  • IT Sales and IT Purchasing
  • IT Project Management
  • IT System and Software Development


Programme coordinator

Dr. rer. pol. Daniel Fischer

+49 3677 69-4041


Study organisation

Heide Röseler

+49 3677 69-4054