Reactive microjoining and packaging

Reactive micro joining and packaging - mechanical, thermal and electrical functionalities

Contact person

Prof. Jens Müller
Electronics Technology Group

Phone: +49 3677 69-2606

Funding information

Project leader: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft 

Project number:  MU 3171/8-1

Participating groups: Electronics Technology Group

Period of funding:  01.07.2019 - 30.06.2023


The project investigates the application of reactive metallic multilayer systems in the field of micro-scale interconnections in electronics packaging. The focus is on the potential of using reactive multilayers to set a desired interconnection process via a predefined layer structure or morphology. In contrast to all previously published solutions for reactive bonding in the IC area, the proposed project differs in that, in addition to the reactive bonding process, the resulting functional properties of the connection (electrical, thermal, mechanical) are to be precisely determined. The functionality tests also focus on the long-term stability of these properties and thus the reliability of the connection. This approach enables a fundamental evaluation and validation of the possible uses of this connection variant for concealed planar contact arrangements (e.g. flip-chip technology). 
With regard to the heat generation and transfer aimed at for the reactive microjoining process, a new approach consists in the utilization of predetermined morphologies and layer structures of the reactive materials deposited on component surfaces, which are to reproduce an "idealized" morphology and microstructure of manufactured reactive multilayer structures (e.g. by applying prefabricated reactive films or powders to the specific substrate morphology). By optimizing this "application-adapted" morphology-layer structure combination, the temperature profile and the solidification front profile for the joining process are to be determined in the long run in such a way that the desired functional properties can be set without further processing steps.