The three main research areas in the IMN structure the scientific expertise of the 37 working groups thematically - but they are by no means to be understood as exclusive.

Research fields at the IMN MacroNano

Micro-Nano Integration

By integrating nanotechnology into microsystems, the special properties of nanostructures can be tapped for the macro world. Significant improvements of system properties are possible by these nanostructures firmly connected to the microsystem. The research at the IMN MacroNano® pursues the approach of integrating nanostructures or nanomaterials directly in the microsystem by using processes that are suitable for series production or close to production.

Materials for micro- and nanotechnologies

The development of materials for micro- and nanosystems and their analysis is essential for research into new system properties. Preliminary research in this field forms the basis for the use of new materials or material combinations with targeted functionalities. These materials can in turn be made usable in systems via the processes of micro-nano integration.

3D Biosystems

3D biosystems are used to study and reproduce biological systems under near-natural environmental conditions (in vivo). Such mostly microfluidic systems require a large number of micro- and nano-elements that are integrated into larger biohybrid systems. Applications for 3D biosystems can be found in the "life sciences", i.e. in the fields of biotechnology and medical technology.