WANTED! Excellent young scientists

The tenure track professorship offers young talents a more transparent career path towards a lifetime professorship. In principle, the tenure-track option is only available to young academics who have changed universities after completing their doctorates or who have spent at least two years working outside their own university.

The tenure track procedure is defined by three essential steps:

  1. Announcement and appointment procedure for the selection of candidates* and appointment to a W1 junior professorship,

  2. Interim evaluation to determine whether the junior professors have proven themselves as university lecturers in research and teaching, and

  3. Tenure evaluation, in which a decision is made on whether to accept a permanent and higher-level (W2 or W3) professorship.

The procedure is governed by the TU Ilmenau's statutes on tenure track.

The Technical University of Ilmenau has received funds from the Federal and State Programme for the Promotion of Young Researchers for the establishment of ten tenure-track professorships in the second round of funding.

The project management is headed by the Vice President for Research and Young Scientists of TU Ilmenau

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil Stefan Sinzinger.

Science Track Forum

With the Science Track Forum, TU Ilmenau offers its junior professors with and without tenure track option a comprehensive interdisciplinary qualification programme. The programme is coordinated by the Graduate Center of the TU Ilmenau.


Individual competence development through demand-oriented selection and deepening of qualification topics analogous to the respective target agreement

Support in assuming the leadership role

Establishment and expansion of a network

Promotion of independence


Demand-oriented design of the offers

High level of personal activity on the part of the participants

Direct practical transfer

Different formats: Workshops, coaching, collegial consultation, training on the job

Regular exchange with the participants

Fields of interest

University teaching

Involvement in university committees



Science Communication

Mentoring program

Following the core idea of mentoring - not only qualifications and commitment are decisive for professional success, but above all supportive relationships - TU Ilmenau enables and supports these relationships in the mentoring tandem, but also in networking.

For mentees, contact with successful mentors opens up models for their own career paths, for their own leadership behaviour, the art of diplomacy and important strategic career decisions.