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Master of Science
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Restrictions on admission
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Standard period of study
4 Semester
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Start of studies
1. April oder 1. Oktober
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Requirement for admission
Abschluss eines verwandten Bachelorstudiums
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Credit points
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Brief description

The degree course is consecutive and builds on the Bachelor's degree course in Mechatronics (Optomechatronics).

Anyone who has successfully completed such a Bachelor's degree or a related Bachelor's degree with a standard period of study of at least six semesters and has acquired at least 180 credit points (CP) can be admitted to the course. Subject-specific aptitude is determined on the basis of the documents to be submitted and, if necessary, in an interview.

Optical Systems Engineering is a cross-sectional science that combines the engineering knowledge of the specialist disciplines of optics, electronics, mechanics and information technology to form a new discipline. It encompasses the entirety of physical, chemical and biological laws of nature and technologies for the generation, amplification, shaping, transmission, measurement and utilization of light.

The course aims to deepen the technical and methodological expertise in the field of optronics already acquired in a university degree course in a research-oriented manner. Students receive a wide range of training in the development, construction/design, modeling/simulation, technology and production of micro- and macrotechnical optronic products, machines, systems and processes.

Application with German certificates

Application with foreign certificates

Optronics offers me the possibility to live out my abilities to the full extent. There is no subject that does not interest me.

Anja Bösemann


Julian and Anja study optical systems engineering / optronics at the TU Ilmenau

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Content of study

Project seminar optronics

17 %

Obligatory courses according to chosen specialisation (see specialisation and detailed overview)

28 %

Optional courses (e.g. optoelectronic measuring and sensor technology, light measurement technology and sensor technology, digital signal processing, color and colorimetry, nano and laser measurement technology, microtechnology, photovoltaic systems, lighting technology, physiological optics)

22 %

Master thesis

33 %
Detailed subject overview: Optical Systems Technology/Optronics (Master)


  • Photonics
  • Optical Engineering
  • Optical sensor and information technology

Fields of work

  • Research and development in companies and universities
  • Project planning, construction, testing
  • Production and project management
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Medical and environmental technology, biotechnology
  • Companies in the fields of optics, light and laser technology


Programme coordinator

Prof. Dr. Gunther Notni

+49 3677 69-3820

Study organisation

Dipl.-Ing. Jana Buchheim

+49 3677 69-2494

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