Study place guarantee

The admission letter guarantees the holder a place in the designated degree program upon enrolment as student in the starting semesters designated in the admission letter.

In addition, the admission letter contains the following information.


Validity and authorizations

The admission letter is valid for a maximum of 2 years. It entitles the holder to take up a degree program in the designated course of study or, in case of conditional admission, to take up a study preparation for the degree program in the designated starting semesters.

During the period of validity of the admission notice, the Admission Office does not issue any further letters on this matter.

Even in the case of conditional admission, evidence of the conditions med by the applicant after the issuance of the admission letter and before the submission of the application for enrolment does not lead to the issuance of another admission letter.

Please present the conditional admission letter and evidence of met of conditions for enrolment. If the admission letter is valid, direct enrolment in the degree program takes place.

After the expiration of the validity of an admission letter, a new application is required.