First time enrolment

When you enrol for the first time in a degree program (Bachelor / Master), you are registered at the university at the same time.

The first-time enrolment and the associated registration at the university is explained on this website.

Please note the difference to the change of study program and provisional enrolment in transition from Bachelor to Master.



Enrolment as a student into a degree program (Bachelor / Master) is done with the aim of studying on campus of the university (presence study).

Required documents

The following documents issued by the University as result of an application enable enrolment as a student in a degree program (Bachelor / Master) under certain boundary conditions.


Deadlines and contact

Please note the deadlines for enrolment in a degree program. Once the deadline for enrolment for a particular semester of study has passed, it is no longer possible to enrol for that semester.

Enrolment is a student administration process. The contact person is the Student Office (Registration).

for the semester of application


for a later semester


After enrolment

Once you have successfully completed the enrolment procedure, you are a student in a degree program and thus registered at TU Ilmenau. You now have the following options.