De-registration is the termination of the student's studies and thus of the student's membership in the university.


Formal de-registration

The university acts within the framework of the student administration on the basis of the Thuringian Higher Education Act ThürHG § 75 and the matriculation regulations.


De-registration on application

According to ThürHG § 75 you also have the ability to apply for de-registration yourself. In this case, the student administration is obliged, on the basis of the matriculation regulations, to record the reason and the date of the effectiveness of the de-registration.

To obtain a de-registration certificate and a pension insurance certificate, it is recommended to actively apply for de-registration. The application may also be submitted during the current semester, effective at the end of the semester.


Deadlines and contact

You can apply for de-registration at any time. There is no deadline.

De-registration is a student administration process. The contact person is the Student Office.