The information about the courses of the summer semester will be completed/precised step by step until the middle of April. If you want to get a rough overview of possible contents, you can also find information on the teaching pages of past semesters (old web presence).


In the department basic methods of geometric constraint solving and their application for interactive kinematic and geometric design (CAD) are researched and further developed. Among other things, these are used in the Ilmenau DFG Performance Center for Research Information, whose main project is the Digital Mechanism and Gear Library (DMG-Lib).

The company 3DInteractive GmbH, a spin-off from the department, develops, in cooperation with the TU-Ilmenau, software for the real-time visualization of extremely large CAD and laser data sets for the aircraft and automotive industry, among others. 3DInteractive is a technology supplier in the BMBF joint project "Avilus" and provides basic technology for interaction and interactive visualization of virtual reality applications.

In recent years, the support of teaching in the subject "Algorithms and Programming for Engineers" through corresponding online tools as well as the investigation of approaches for fairer evaluation has developed into a new research topic of the department.

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TU Ilmenau / Michael Reichel (ari)


We offer courses on topics like computer graphics, geometric modeling, scientific-technical visualization, interactive graphical systems or efficient algorithms and data structures. These courses are offered for Bachelor and Master students. The computer graphics course is a useful introduction for most other subjects or even a prerequisite for participation.

We also support the engineering education at the TU Ilmenau with the module "Algorithms and Programming for Engineers". A wide variety of events are offered there - including tutorials, which are also open to "non-engineering courses" if required.

In addition to current research topics, we also offer topics from the teaching context as Hauptsemniar-/Proseminar-topic as well as bachelor and master thesis topics. Please contact one of our staff members to find a suitable topic.


A detailed list of our publications from 1985 to 2021 can be found here.