Secure autoconfiguration of sabotage-resistant IPsec infrastructures

Funding since March 2012 over 24 months by the BMBF.

Partners involved:

Department of Telematics/Computer Networks, TU Ilmenau secunet Security Networks AG.

Contact person:

Dr.-Ing. Michael Roßberg(technical) Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Schäfer (administrative).

Brief description:

Over the last years, the Internet has become the most important communication medium for companies, public authorities and private users due to its flexibility and low costs. In order to provide protection against eavesdropping and manipulation of data, virtual private networks (VPN) are often used in this context, which provide security services to realize confidentiality, integrity and access control. To avoid the often very costly manual setup and management of these networks, central VPN concentrators can be used. However, these represent an exposed point in sabotage attacks, also known as denial-of-service (DoS) attacks in the context of communication networks. In any case, a dynamic response to such attacks to ensure availability is only possible through complex, automated mechanisms.

The technological goal of the joint project DoS-resistant SOLID is, based on the already achieved extensive theoretical and prototypical results, to make the complexity more manageable and to further develop the approach towards a product. In addition, as a scientific aspect, the properties with regard to sabotage resistance are to be further increased.