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The research at our Group has three main focuses: Studies on economic efficiency calculation and company valuation deal with the areas of new media and currently especially renewable energies. In the area of financing, the focus is on crowdfunding and behavioral finance, especially emotionally charged investment decisions such as fan bonds. Investigations on foreign exchange markets are currently being concluded with a study on the market efficiency of markets for crypto currencies. more

TU Ilmenau/Michael Reichel



The teaching is designed for the business degree programs and covers the entire field of corporate finance and financial markets. In the Bachelor's program, this is an introductory course in business finance including investment accounting for all degree programs, and an introduction to financial markets for those with a more pronounced economic focus. In the Master's programs, specializations are offered in the areas of derivative financial instruments, business valuation, capital budgeting, international finance and theories of financial management. In addition, there is a basic course on ABWL for the Bachelor's program in Applied Media and Communication Studies. more

TU Ilmenau/Michael Reichel