The Group of Sustainable Production and Logistics Management

... sees itself as an educational service provider, which imparts specialist knowledge and analytical skills in co-production with the students and thereby extends the economic perspective prevailing in production and logistics management to include ecological and moral aspects. In research and teaching we place great emphasis on a conceptual foundation that enables researcher to better describe and explain real business and social phenomena. Because nothing is more practical than a good theory!

We apply the following principles in our interactions with all students:


Precise conceptual foundation is the basis of any progress in knowledge. For this reason, research of our group is predominantly basic-oriented, but always focused on real phenomena. From a production- and decision-theoretical perspective, we dedicate ourselves to interdisciplinary questions. We hope that our special perspective and conceptual approach will contribute to the scientific discourse of researchers and other social actors.

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TU Ilmenau / Michael Reichel (ari)


"Teaching is a Work of Heart"

"Teching is Co-Production" (of group staff and students)

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