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New publication in "Journal of Business Ecomoics"

Paper of Prof. Harald Dyckhoff and Prof. Rainer Souren
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Joint production in general and co-production in particular are phenomena that appear only to a very limited extent in the literature on production economics, although they are the norm in the real world. Together with his co-author Harald Dyckhoff, Rainer Souren explores in the prestigious Journal of Business Economics how the terms "joint production", "by-product(ion)" and "undesirable outputs" have been received in the international literature, especially over the past 30 years. In addition to the comprehensive literature review, they also propose a system of terms that enables a more precise analysis of these phenomena, which are particularly relevant for sustainability management.

Dyckhoff, H./Souren, R.: Are important phenomena of joint production still being neglected by economic theory? A review of recent literature, in: Journal of Business Economics (2022), open access (DOI: