Digital Twins of Humans for Space Operations with XR telepresence

Digital twins in XR are virtual entities that represent real entities. Thus, they enable the analysis of these entities post-hoc or even in real time. With respect to humans, various data such as poses are collected and applied to a digitized version of the human - an avatar. This avatar then reproduces human movements in XR for various applications.

A digital twin in XR can be useful for monitoring, analysis in space operations and in areas such as Assembly, Integration, Test & Verification (AIT/AIV), Mission Control Centers, or in Concurrent Design Facilities (CDF), as well as for communication by providing an immersive view. In this project, we are specifically investigating digital twins for monitoring and follow-up in XR.

The project started on 01/01/2023 for a total duration of one year. Collaborator in the project is Luís Fernando de Souza Cardoso.

More information is available here.