Two papers presented at IEEE VR 2023

Two papers from the research group were presented at this year's IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces:

The first paper is titled. "A Systematic Review on the Visualization of Avatars and Agents in AR & VR displayed using Head-Mounted Displays" and was written by Florian Weidner, Gerd Boettcher, Stephanie Arevalo Arboleda, Chenyao Diao, Luljeta Sinani, Christian Kunert, Christoph Gerhardt, Wolfgang Broll, and Alexander Raake.

The paper focuses on the visualization of avatars in AR and VR, examining, among other things, the effects of rendering style (e.g.., abstract, cartoon, realistic) and the extent of visible body parts (e.g., hands only, hands and head, full body) using a systematic literature review, comparing 72 papers from 2015-2022 using objective and subjective measures (e.g., performance, presence, user experience, perceived body ownership).It also classifies into task domains (physical activity, hand interaction, communication, game-like scenarios, and education/training) and describes guidelines for the recommended use of avatars and agents in AR and VR.

The paper was prepared in the context of the MULTIPARTIES and CO-HUMANICS projects and is also thematically very closely related to these projects.


The second paper, entitled."Eating, Smelling, and Seeing: Investigating Multisensory Integration and (In)congruent Stimuli while Eating in VR."by Florian Weidner, Jana Maier, and Wolfgang Broll, addresses the integration of taste stimuli in AR and VR applications. There are several promising use cases for this topic - from social eating to disease treatment. The relationship between olfaction, taste perception and vision during the process of multisensory integration (MSI) is also explored.