Electrical Apparatus and Switchgear Research Group

About us

The Electrical Apparatus and Switchgear Research Group has many years of experience in the fields of contact and arc physics, high voltage technology and their applications for the optimization of the components of electrical power engineering.


Innovative switching and protection devices for future DC grids, intelligent arc fault and early fault detection algorithms, and the use of new or optimized contact and insulation materials can make a significant scientific contribution to the challenges of the energy transition (and thus environmental protection).

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Current research projects are investigating new DC switching principles (electromechanical switchgear, hybrid and power electronic switches), the ageing behaviour of insulating materials exposed to DC voltages for low-voltage technology, and the arcing and erosion behaviour of electrical contact materials in one of the most modern permanent test facilities in the world.

Numerous laboratories (DC test facilities, high-power test field, high-voltage test field, switchgear laboratory, impulse laboratory) are available for teaching and research.

The Department of Electrical Devices and Systems participates in many courses of study with lectures, seminars and a wide variety of interesting practical courses (electric arc, high voltage, solar cells ...). Independent scientific work, creativity as well as the presentation and publication of own results are particularly encouraged.

We involve committed students in current research and teaching tasks as student assistants at an early stage - see the following videos.

What is an arc
What are high voltage discharges