Fundamentals of digital circuit technology/Synthesis of digital circuits

Responsible: Dr.-Ing. Steffen Arlt

target groups: 4th semester EIT, MT, MTR, TKS, WiW-ET 6th semester BT

Teaching content

  • Synthesis and analysis of digital circuits
    Boolean algebra
    Combinatorial circuits
    Digital automata
  • Role of microelectronics in the product manufacturing industry
  • Design strategies for microelectronic circuits and systems
  • Demonstration of the design of a complex digital circuit on PLD basis with a commercial design tool on PC computing technology



Karnaugh Plans
Basic systems
Definition of combinatorial circuits
Definition Sequential circuits
Switch functions for two variables
Antivalence/equivalence functions
Minimization of Boolean functions
Factorization on K-Plan basis
Flip-flop types


Notes on teaching in the summer semester 2022


The lectures and seminars take place in presence.

The seminars in the 14th week are cancelled. The seminars will start after the 1st lecture on Friday, 08.04.2022.

Detailed information can be found in Moodle, self-enrollment is also possible.