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Energy Usage Optimization Group


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Bretschneider

Head of Group

Phone: +49 3677 69-4964

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The department "Optimization of Energy Use" conducts research in the field of ecologically and economically optimal provision and use of the grid-bound energy carriers electricity, gas and heating/cooling, taking into account the fluctuating feed-in of wind and solar energy as well as available energy flexibility and storage potentials.

The department investigates and develops new (AI-based) methods and procedures for the prediction of energy demand profiles and fluctuating feed-ins as well as for the optimization of energy procurement, power plant deployment, storage operation and the use of energetic Flexibilities.

The considerations include unimodal and multimodal energy supply systems. energy supply systemsthe sector coupling with the approaches of Power to X approaches, as well as the liberalized energy markets for electricity and gas with the different market roles and the information technology processes to be supported, including the dimension of the associated business processes.