Focal points

  • Design, conception and development of energy management solutions for the efficient, safe and reliable management of energy supply systems
  • Investigation and development of new methods and procedures for predicting energy demand curves and fluctuating feed-ins
  • Optimization of energy procurement, energy supply and the use of power plants, taking into account technical, economic and ecological constraints
  • Development of cross-system modelling, simulation and optimization tools for multimodal energy supply systems
  • Tapping flexibility potential through optimal storage operation management and sector coupling
  • Design and conception of methods for the automated modeling of models for time series forecasting and for the mathematical description of technical components, plants and systems as well as contractual aspects for self-learning energy management solutions
  • Modeling multi-criteria linear and mixed integer problems
  • Artificial intelligence for district energy management

Unimodal and multimodal energy systems


  • Tapping the flexibility potential of the electricity, gas and heating/cooling supply sectors to balance fluctuating feed-in and demand


  • Development of cross-system modelling, simulation and optimization tools
  • Development of operational management and control algorithms for multimodal energy supply systems
  • Forecasting strategy for local demand for electricity, gas, heating/cooling
  • Operator models for liberalization-compliant implementation of optimal system management of multimodal energy supply systems