to the website of the "Radio Technologies for Automated and Connected Vehicles" research group. The group belongs to the department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and was founded in 2022. With our research we want to contribute to making fully automated driving a reality and to enable vehicles to move safely, efficiently and sustainably in traffic by means of communication and sensor technology. We have aligned our research and teaching accordingly. You can find information about our team, our projects as well as our teaching offers by selecting the corresponding menu items.

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The aim of our research work is to make road traffic safer, more efficient and more sustainable, and to increase the driving comfort of road users. For this reason, we are working on validation and verification procedures for radar systems in order to enable the safe functioning of these sensors even in highly automated driving functions. Another focus of our work are radio systems that can be used simultaneously for communication and environment perception. These systems promise improved use of frequency resources as well as more effective coordination of traffic.

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Our lecture and exercise "Fundamentals and systems of radar technology" offers students an insight into the multidisciplinary world of radar technology and provides necessary basic knowledge. The course is accompanied by a practical course where students can gain practical experience in the use of radar sensors.

The advanced lecture "Applications and signal processing Methods of radar technology" complements the basic lecture by the manifold, application-specific signal processing methods used in radars. The accompanying seminar course allows students to enrich the contents of the lecture with a topic of their choice.

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