Networking of digital knowledge and learning platforms for personalised further education and cooperative knowledge exchange in the mobility industry

The goal of the research project NetÖV is to network the diverse digital education, knowledge and information spaces in the mobility industry. For employees in transport companies, user-oriented access to formal and non-formal further education is created through personalized recommendations. Informal continuing education is promoted through a cooperative exchange of knowledge and the cross-company visibility of expertise. This enables those interested in continuing education to find and use precisely tailored continuing education offerings. The need for such offerings is very high in public transport (PT) companies. The reasons for this lie in:

  • the structure of employees in transport companies,

  • urgent, current socio-political objectives and

  • the challenges of the digitalised working world.

The NetÖV project makes a valuable contribution to making education and training in the mobility industry transparent and accessible.


What is behind NetÖV?

Background, planned implementation and challenges in the podcast on the NetÖV project.

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Video about the projekt on YouTube


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