Academic Education

The RF and Microwave Research Group contributes to a modern high-level teaching, e.g. for the study programmes "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology", "Computer Engineering, " Media Technology" and "Optronics", with various different profiles. Further contributions to non-consecutive Master programmes are beeing developed.

Our teaching activities feature classical and modern aspects of RF and microwave techniques. Some of these are contained in compulsory courses during the main part of the studies. In addition, we offer the possibility to study specific topics in-depth, such as mobile or satellite communications, antennas, audio- and video-technology, radar, and more. The lecture courses under responsibility of the Research Lab, most of which are tought in German, are in detail:

  • Hochfrequenztechnik 1 – Komponenten (RF techniques 1 – components)
  • Hochfrequenztechnik 2 – Subsysteme (RF techniques 2 – subsystems)
  • Elektromagnetische Wellen (Electromagnetic waves)
  • Antennen (Antennas)
  • Schaltungen und Bausteine der HF- und Mikrowellentechnik (Microwave electronics)
  • Funksysteme (Radio systems)
  • Mikrowellenmesstechnik (Microwave metrology)
  • Fernerkundung/Radartechnik (Remote sensing and radar techiques)
  • Optische Telekommunikationstechnik (Physical foundations of optical telecommuni-cations)
  • Microwave Engineering (in English)
  • Antenna Engineering (in English)

The lecture courses are complemented and supported by illustrations, seminars, instructions to problem solving, labs, as well as possibilities to join the research team. Further and actual information can be found online on the web pages of the University.Students graduating from this programme are offered multiple choices for their professional careers, e.g., in communications and information technology, biomedical technolgies, or precision metrology.

Attention: The lectures "Mikrowellenfernerkundung/Radartechnik“ and "Radartechnik / Funknavigation" can NOT be offered once in WS 2021/22. If you have any questions, please contact the HMT office directly,

Ms. Anja Zwetkow-Schilling hmt@tu-ilmenau.deTel.:03677 69-2831

The exact course content can be found in the module tables of the TU Ilmenau.

All further information is provided via Moodle courses.