Research content

The FG Chemie, in collaboration with other academic and industrial partners, is interested in the production of new carbon compounds and nanomaterials by functionalization of CNTs or fullerenes and their potential application in various fields. The scientific goal is to gain a better understanding of the dependence of the chemical properties of carbon materials on the extent and type of functionalization. The purpose of our research is to find a controlled method for modifying the electrochemical and biological properties of CNTs and fullerenes based on the type and degree of their functionalization. To achieve the goal of our research work, carbon nanomaterials with adapted parameters are produced, functionalized and further investigated for use in new fields of application.

Services offered

  • Production of carbon nanostructures and derivatives
  • Electrochemical tests
  • Chemical analysis using AAS, HPLC, GC/MS, MALDI-TOF, IR, Raman, NMR
  • MALDI-TOF analysis of macromolecular substances (protein analysis)
  • Synthesis chemistry

Selected research projects at the department of chemistry

  • Coatings with fullerenes and micro-structuring for dental implants (BMBF: Full-micro-patt)
  • The star-like pH- and thermo-sensitive biocompatible polymers as promising nanocarriers for targeted delivery of antitumor drugs (DFG)
  • The synergetic effect of hybrid apatite-alginate-C60 fullerene composite for tissue engineering (DFG)
  • Catalytic systems for the production of reactive oxygen species using fullerenes and carbon nanotubes as new antitumor substances
  • Production and synthesis of novel fullerene derivatives
  • Carbon nanotubes as electrochemical sensors