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Mechanics of Compliant Systems Group

(Merger of the Technical Mechanics Group and the Compliant Systems Group)

Compliant structures and mechanisms

Bild Nachgibiger GreiferTU Ilmenau / FG MSys

The transmission and motion behavior of compliant systems is achieved by the specific elastic deformation of its adhesively joined coupled elements. In addition to a very precise motion a wide range of deformation behavior and the application of intrinsic sensor and actuator technologies are possible with compliant systems.

  • Modeling, simulation and optimizing for specified criteria, like adjusting a certain range of movement or achieving a proper state of stress

  • Purposeful adjustment of special properties (e.g. snap through) obtaining extensive force characteristics and paths of motion

  • Development and analysis of highly elastic structures with intrinsic sensor and actuator functions as well as a special mechanical performance

  • Research of newly-developed principles of transmission of motion and positioning according to biological models as well as their technical implementation

Rigid Body Mechanisms

Bild KoppelmechanismusTU Ilmenau / FG MSys

Mechanisms are constrained systems of bodies designed to transmit and to convert motions and forces. More complex and small-scale systems as well as more and more challenging tasks lead to increasing demands on the mechanisms. In this case model-based development is essential for which analytical and computer based methods are used.

  • Model-based analysis of motion behaviour and mechanical stress (finite element analysis) for complex mechanisms

  • Synthesis for predetermined motion behaviour and transmission functions

  • Optimization concerning the dynamical behaviour as well as resulting stress of particular linkages

  • Optimization of the vibration characteristics